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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 

Five by five

I participated in the Art of Noise's second 5x5 post, where five of us were given five untagged MP3s and reviewed them without context. Brought back fond memories of the old Stylus Singles Jukebox.

Doesn't it just...?

That looks like lots of fun.

Though if I want to listen to lots of tracks that I have no idea how I got them or who they're by, I just put my iPod on shuffle.

Ha! I'm pretty anal retentive about my iPod, personally... unless I've got something on there for review purposes, I probably know every track off by heart.

Here's the really awful thing: some of the tracks I don't recognize are from records I've reviewed.

One of my magazines posts mp3s of records that people think we should be listening to, and I usually grab as many as I can and then forget to listen to them.

Stylus may be dead, but the staff message board persists (as a closed system) and we tend to trade an awful lot of music there too (most of it genuinely for professional purposes). I just can't bring myself to add it to the iPod, despite having 50 gigs or so of free space.

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