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Friday, July 31, 2009 

Why do I try, why do I try, why do I try, why do I even try?

Feel good hits of the 31st of July, 2009:

The Sound - Acceleration Group
Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper
Divisible - The Cutting Room
Icehouse - Electric Blue
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
The Pixies - The Holiday Song
Daft Punk - Emotion
The Research - Ba Ba Ba
Cousteau - (Damn These) Hungry Times
Monkey Swallows the Universe - 22

(I do these every so often, but I feel I should mention a word about methodology: all these posts consist of is the last ten songs to get stuck in my head. Every time it happens I write it down and once I've got ten, poof! A post. Nothing more exciting or purposive than that, although certainly they might give some indication as to my inner life, especially when I've got enough material for more than one of these in relatively quick succession.)

you try, therefore you are...

nice mix.

i've got a new mix all ready to go, as well, just have to get off my ass and put it up.

I look forward to it!

the video for Emotion ROCKS.

I found your blog Ian, hehehehe


You realise, that means I can find your blog too!

And by the looks of it, it's a lot more productive than this one is. Drat.

At least it's more productive than Pete's blog.


He needs to put more funny stories and sketches.

Yeah, he totally does.

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