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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 

Sentence of the day

"Of course, there’s one thing that’s been standing in the way of an Atlas Shrugged film all these years: Its major themes are both reactionary and really fucking, like, insultingly stupid."

(from here)

I read "Anthem" in high school; I don't think I've ever been as repulsed by a book that didn't have Anne Coulter in the cover. This is coming from someone who despises Communism and who lived it and who saw the truly stupefying things it can do to people- If anyone should cut Rand some slack it would be me. But she was a psychotic reactionary evil bitch, and anyone who humors her world view is kind of heartless. Why is it that people can't keep themselves from screeching to extremes? You don't have to be completely selfish or completely selfless- find the fucking middle way, dumbasses. It's what's best! Says Buddha.

Aristotle too.

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