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Friday, December 25, 2009 

Happy Christmas your arse

Whatever your religious/social/cultural baggage (or lack thereof) around this time of year, I hope you're all not working and instead doing what you want to be doing with the people you want to be with. We're leaving to go see my parents soon, which is what I want to be doing; over the dulcet strains of the crackheads yelling across the hall, I wish you all a good one.


You do know I hate them, right?

Merry Christmas, Hans!

Are they a them anymore? I know there was that one crappy album no one cared about some time back.
Yeah, I was just thinking of X-mas (which I don't get except as feeble cross)m then I thought Axe-mas, then I thought Axel, then...
It made sense at the time :-p

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