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Wednesday, February 03, 2010 

This frequency my universe

The problem with listening to Johnny Boy's "You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve (Crews Against Consumismo Extended Mix)" while editing is that once it's done I hate whatever I try to listen to next. As the guy I got it from says the song is amazingly euphoric, but it's also very biting and of course like the album it comes from is basically very pessimistic about modern Western life and the compromising involved in existing within that system (you know, the one you and I were almost certainly both born into). Their very fine self-titled album (I will happily pledge eternal devotion to anyone who issues it in North America with the extended mix appended as a bonus track) manages to sustain that mixture of bitterness and glee superbly for its brief length. On my iPod I do have the remix tacked on as track eleven, and it's the perfect ending. Johnny Boy is a very powerful record for me (sonically and ideologically, I guess you could say), but especially this song in this form, which is maybe my favourite song ever or at least right up there. After hundreds and hundreds of listens it still feels like a hard-won triumph, like you (or they, at least) can fight the system and live a non-bullshit life; it's still inspriring.

The problem, then, is that nothing else makes me feel like this song does.

Hi Ian. Please post up that track so I can hear it! I can't find it. I love the original, so anything that can succesfully tease more out of it sounds promising.

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