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Thursday, April 08, 2010 

A series of unfortunate events

My housemate Julia loves Xiu Xiu. Fucking adores them. How do I know that? Because she took today and half of tomorrow off of work so that she could take the Greyhound down to Buffalo to see them live. She did this despite a nasty bout of stomach flu that hit her about 2 am this morning, getting on the bus via sheer force of will and unwillingness to miss the show.

She got to Buffalo to discover the show is cancelled. I'm not calling shenanigans or anything - from what she could figure out, someone in the band is very sick. But c'mon, universe - you could at least have given her a bus to take back home once she gets to Toronto at 1 tomorrow morning.

ack. that sucks. I saw Xiu Xiu years ago on the Fabulous Muscles tour, and then again a week or 2 ago- mainly because the Tune Yards opened. I still think Jamie Stewart is pretty hot, but his set just paled in comparison.

Yeah, Tune Yards was supposed to open this show as well. Knowing Julia, she probably would have liked them as well.

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