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Friday, December 17, 2010 

Checking in

Man, it has been ridiculously busy here recently. I haven't listened to nearly enough music from 2010 to put together a good, thorough list, but I did whip something up for PopMatters anyway, because a lot of what I did hear this year was great. I did two short blurbs for their year-end extravaganza; you can see my #1 single at #52 here and my #1 album at #45 here. Also, while procrastinating at the end of November (although I did write 50,000 words before the deadline, I'm not sure how), I wrote up a few reviews, both of which are now up; a short review of the really excellent new DeepChord Presents Echospace record, and a longer one of the always great Sam Amidon. I'm working on a few other things, but I don't know if I'll get anything up in time for the end of the year. Here's hoping everyone is having or will have good holidays...

Oh, and also, while I don't like casting aspersions on anyone else's list, and of course consensus works the way it works, but any group that relegates Sam Amidon, Perfume Genius, and Swans to its Honorable Mentions page is one I can't really see eye to eye with.

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