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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 


Stephen Harper has been a disastrous Prime Minister in a lot of ways (one of the biggest, actually, is how circumspect he's been able to be about what he and his government does, although the Canadian media seems slowly to be picking up on things), but even he should know better than to put a guy in charge of science funding that won't admit he believes the theory of evolution. As Warren Ellis, whom I got the link from, put it: "Canada's Sense of Polite Superiority Over the United States Suddenly Evaporates."

The whole anti-evolution thing really baffles me. I didn't know it was such a huge issue until very recently. It's kind of like suddenly realizing that a LOT of people are like: "We don't think the jury is out on the Earth not being flat." And when asked why, they're all like: "Well, we read this really old book, and it doesn't mention the Earth being round anywhere. So the Earth must be flat. Also, Gravity is a theory. JUST a theory."

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