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Thursday, April 02, 2009 

Things I did yesterday

1. Had all you can eat sushi, which is always a good (and filling) time, especially as we avoided the kind of mistakes that often lead me to look at my friends and say "we are horrible people and we deserve whatever happens to us now."

2. In a used bookstore in Toronto, finally found a cheap copy of the poetry anthology (I think it's one of the Norton's, although it doesn't say so on the front) we used in grade 11, which I always wanted to keep. It turns out the poem I've been trying to remember for years, which is one of my favourites, is "Epistle to Be Left in the Earth" by Archibald MacLeish.

3. Saw a really excellent show by one of my favourite live bands, Los Campesinos!, and continued our streak of not missing any of their Ontario shows (as far as I know). The opener, Sky Larkin, was a band I'd seeing LC! mention fondly many times, and they were excellent too. I managed to make my way to Gareth during the encore when he and Tom and Neil jumped into the crowd and we sang the chorus to "Broken Heartbeat Sounds Like Breakbeats" together (because I am a massive-loser fan of the band, and as we've now hung out with Gareth enough that I consider him a friend, I figured he wouldn't mind).

4. Bought horrible convenience store potato wedges near the Opera House, as I was 1. starving, 2. poor, 3. fond of horrible food and 4. still a liiiiittle drunk. The only one of these things that I even midly regret.

5. Since Julia decided driving back that night was not an option, stayed in the very reasonable Hostelling International place on Church St. Julia payed, which my unemployed ass thanks her for. A double room is only $60 if you get there late at night!

The only thin I've done today is use some more of my Beat Goes On credit on an album, but it's a momentous occasion: the first new album I've bought in a while. These days I buy new albums so rarely it feels like a bigger deal when I do, like I'm declaring an allegiance. My friend Theon will be happy to hear that I bought It's Blitz!.

At the LC! concert I heard someone call out your name and I thought to myself, "Ian? Ian Mathers? Maybe Ian Mathers is here! Maybe I should thank him for turning me on to this wonderful, wonderful band, and tell him about how I'm a huge fan of his writing and I've been reading him since Stylus and..."

But I didn't =(

You know, I actually thought for two seconds in the crowd that I heard someone talking to someone else use my name, but I looked around and no-one looked at me so I figured I was just being a raging egomaniac. But if you said anything out loud, maybe it was you!

So thanks, anyway, you just made my day. But who the hell are you?

Just some random guy. It's not...it's not weird to have favourite music critics, is it?

I would argue, Adam, that it's not only normal but healthy; in fact it probably makes you a better person.

Seriously though, thanks. We don't tend to get a lot of feedback, and most of it is pretty negative when we do, so I really appreciate it when someone says something nice.

Also I tend to assume no-one reads this blog aside from people I'm already friends with, so any indication to the contrary is welcome.

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