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Saturday, March 28, 2009 


I never wrote for Blender (friends did) and I was a regular reader since I randomly picked up an issue in a convenience store to mock it and stumbled upon a really insightful piece on Elvis Costello. A lot of the stuff I've seen written since the end of the magazine was announced has been pretty negative stuff; Robert Christgau actually puts it best, I think. Yes, the shrinking word counts were a damn shame (but not exactly Blender's fault) and yes some of the content was a little list-happy, but in terms of a good, North American general interest music magazine it was pretty much the top of the heap, and it had some fine writing in it. And now it's gone and we're back to pretty much Rolling Stone and Spin (both of which are unacceptable for differing reasons, although if the latter went to straight politics/investigative reporting, I'd probably buy it).

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