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Monday, April 12, 2010 

Remember when I had time to actually write posts?

- This is about the best "1901" cover you're going to find, and it's by one of my favourite Youtube acts. The Voluptuous are two kids who usually do two-piano covers of indie rock tunes. But it's actually great, and this cover, while completely different from their normal thing, is also great (and not just because I listened to Souvlaki today).

- Meanwhile, Zack Handlen has done a painful, excellent job explaining why both of us have trouble watching things like the UK Office. Awkwardness ahoy!

- I think Morgan Murphy is really fucking funny. Continue with your lives.

- It's lookng likely that I will never buy Kerrang!, Mojo, or Q ever again.

- Would Alex Chilton have lived if he was Canadian? Possibly.

- Here's a good review of the new Flannery O'Connor biography. But while I respect and take seriously O'Connor's beliefs and the beliefs of her characters, I have to say that as someone raised without religion (someone whose life, for better or for worse, has never been and never will be "Christ-haunted"), I don't find Wise Blood very funny. To me, it feels apocalyptic instead. It's also one of my favourite novels and has been since I read it in high school.

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