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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 

And that it's coming at a bad time

I've previously mentioned the wonderful It Gets Better project, and now the New Pornographers have recorded a version of one of my favourite songs of theirs for it. "Adventures in Solitude" means a lot to me, although my relationship to it isn't quite the same as Zach Rosen's. For one thing, being 26 when the song came out means that, while it resonates for me, any really dramatic personal strife is, if not vanished, at least firmly comprehended and under relative control; for another, until stumbling onto this version, it never occurred to me that the song might be referring to suicide. In any case, it's a fantastic version, one that makes clear again just how awesome the band is (especially Kathryn Calder, who, no disrespect to Case and Newman, owns this song). Challengers is still my favourite record by the New Pornographers, by a fair margin, and this song is a significant part of why.

True. Why is it that music connects less with one as we get older? or more sedately? And we become less adventurous? Is it neurological? And how does this threaten the psyche of a music critic?
All thoughts for Christmas :-)

Also, your captcha in Spanish just translated to "hishugecock."

Woah there, my Cuban compadre, I said "different," not "less intense." Although I suppose you can chalk part of the difference up to a certain amount of boring, standard white Western male repression.

Also, awesome news about the captcha.

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