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Tuesday, December 28, 2010 

"That brings up a lot of horrible memories."

If you can watch the first episode of The Maria Bamford Show without wanting to watch more, and if you then don't find yourself wanting to watch all twenty of them, I'm not sure we can be friends. I've rewatched half the series just while making this post. It's caused Bamford to go from a comedian I like to someone who's work I'm planning to follow. I would buy this twice on DVD.

(NB. Some of Bamford's work here strikes me as the closest thing you're going to find to the genius of Allie Brosh, albeit using acting and tone of voice rather than crudely drawn body language.)

HAHAHAHA The line that sold me was: "You need the sheet between the quilt and your skin because your skin has oils!" My mom used to say that.

The fact that the response to that line is "I must wash the sludge of humanity off my skin" makes it even better.

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