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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 

Those poor kids

So I finally caught five minutes of Glee, a show I had avoided because I find the whole concept and everything else I've seen or heard about it unappealing. I still think the idea is, well, not necessarily awful, but something I'm never going to be interested in. But what I never imagined is that the singing in the wholly unecessary musical sequences (which are, of course, the show's appeal) would be so totally fucking awful. Maybe I caught an especially bad example of the show's weird midpoint between vocal processing and Broadway musical-style singing, but I doubt you could come up with a style that I'd hate more. Every syllable felt like someone was taking a cheese grater made of pure sugar to my eardrums.

hahahaha Oh, you'll never get it. Season two has been pretty troublesome even for fans. But that doesn't matter, because you're cursed with good musical taste. May I ever be spared :-)

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